Prosthetic Dentistry – Dental Prostheses

All of these terms that we all hear, which are called porcelain teeth, crowns, bridges, nail teeth, implant teeth, dentures, palates, hooked teeth, are the services of this branch.

In other words, it is the largest branch of dentistry.

They apply lamina veneers, zirconium porcelains, empress porcelains, in short, metal-free porcelains, which are widely used in aesthetic dentistry.

If it is necessary to make a classification here, we can examine the prosthesis in 3 parts:

Fixed prostheses

  • Porcelain crowns - bridges
  • Metal-free aesthetic porcelains
  • Postcore (postcore-nails are applied inside the tooth) prostheses

Removable prostheses

  • Full palate dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Precision-retained prostheses
  • Overdenture prostheses (the roots of the teeth are used)

Implant (nail, tooth-tooth planting) Prostheses

  • Removable prostheses on implants
  • Fixed prostheses on implants